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Growth and Reaching your Full Potential.

In Its all in my mind! on February 21, 2012 at 1:37 AM

Sorry to get so serious. But I love to write. I found something that I wrote exactly a year ago yesterday (2.19.11) And I am in such a different place in just a year. It’s absolutely amazing!

This is what I wrote to myself.

Lately Life has been in total shambles! God only knows, I forgot about myself, who I was, the things I wanted, The things I always dreamed of, My own potential (most of all). Im a very deep woman, strong woman, intelligent woman. God has truly blessed me, theres no limit to what I can do or what I can achieve. I sadly forgot all of these things! I recently found a quote, “Great Trials often Precede Great Triumphs”. I truly believe this statement! If there are so many people who do not even know their potential and they make it to certain places, then who am I? I know where I am going, and Gods knows that I know where I have been. The most important thing you can do as a person is to believe that you are a good person. People try to make you feel like you aren’t worth certain things or like your dreams are foolish. Listen, Listen to yourself, Listen to your heart, Listen to all you believe God has put you this earth for. Pray, Be strong. Never let the Dream Stealers Steal you Dreams. Because your dreams are all youll ever have to lead you and guide the way. They are your torch in that tunnel of darkness. Be yourself!!! Don’t ever try to be someone else or embody them because the person that lives inside of you is even more special than anyone you have ever came across. Shit Happens, plans may fail, But if your a Great Dreamer, that nothing but a thing because it means that you have so many other plans to pull out of your dream vault. If God realizes that you are not in a situation where you can reach your full potential, or be the person he created you to be he will remove you from that situation. When he does something just simply go with the flow, because whenever you stumble your guaranteed to hit the ground running right after!! Never have someone dictate the way you feel about yourself. If that dictation is not positive, God knows its not healthy. Just trust in him and your true self. (end)

Wowwww. Never let someone tell you to be realistic. There’s nothing real out here. Just keep dreaming. Hope I can inspire just one person. 🙂



In Its all in my mind! on August 23, 2011 at 5:46 AM

Just a few things that I think defines SUCCESS..

Success is getting PAID to do what I passionately love – Xay

Success is being able to assist others physically (fashion) while being known and respected globally- Xay

Success is knowing that when I die, I am definitely going to heaven, because I am a good person, yet living everyday to the fullest- Xay

Success is seeing my father smile because I made it even further than he thought I would (and he knows I’m going far)- Xay

Success is honoring my mother- Xay

Success is proving everyone that ever doubted me, WRONG, because I know how a lot of people feel about me and my choices- Xay


I got some opinions about what other people thought defined success too…!

PRICE SIMON- Making strides against all that plagues you, to find ultimate happiness and safety for yourself and those that you love.

HAMIDA AMIN- Success is working when everyone else is sleeping ( Yesss Gives me Life!!!! lol)

– Success is being fully grounded in your own unique genius

– Success is knowing your limitations but working as if they do not exist!

(GIrllllllllll smh I don’t know why you aren’t a philosopher yet)

SEAN HUTCHINSON- Success is being able to live your best life with few obstacles of limitations

JAYGO AMALI- Success is a journey! Not a destination!

HARI MARIE- Success is Acquiring ones definition of wealth (lol Hara should we do Wealth next?)

– Success is independence, satistfaction, health, good relationships,

– Success= Happiness

ABI HOLA- Success isn’t being financially well off but being able to accomplish all of ones goals.

Damnn they all went in! Made my definitions sound like NADA.. lol

Whats your Idea of Success…? These are the things we should be thinking about, We’d get much further in life!

Xove Xay..

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