XayLi Barclay

Tinaaaaaaa Teww (Tina Two)

In Most Likely Just a Random Post! on February 13, 2012 at 12:12 AM

Sooooo! A while ago I got the Singer stylist II (Tina Tew) sewing machine because I figured I needed a new Modern Machine after partially ending my love affair with my old Kenmore sewing Machine (Tina). Although I had Mrs. Tew I was still in love with Tina and used her for everything.

I had to get over her because Mrs. Tew is obviously faster, computerized and has more features. So i began to really get into Tina Tew, only realizing that she has a love for skipping stitches while im sewing!! I am at my wits end, and unfortunately none of the stitch masters online have done any reviews or trouble shooting techniques on her.

I am at my last resort to solving the problem by ordering more needles online since it could be the needle and my designs right now include lots of knit fabrics. Sigghhhhhh O Mrs Tew. Why wont you fix yourself so we can carry on! Well I guess Tina has my heart again because her needles dance as we sew.






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