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In Its all in my mind!, Personal Style, Fashion on September 15, 2011 at 5:59 AM

My life is always taking crazy turns when it feels like. And sometimes all I feel like I have to do is hold on tightly to the rails or else I’ll fall off the roller coaster from the highest point.. Whether it’s a new residence, a new person, an old person, money, love, idk…. It’s always something! But I feel it before it comes. I’ve been feeling something! Hopefully it’s something I’ve been praying for… And I’ve learnt to take every negative in my life and turn it into a positive. So ill keep holding on and hold my head high!

Found this song that I really liked today….
Woke up late after going through tons of tattoos on tumblr till 6am.
We were stuck on the precision of Zombie boys tattoos for like forever! Freaking crazy! (Yes we’re weird, I know, but we like weird.. Lol) 😉

Then i started Missing G like crazy today for some oddly stupid reason. (G died last year around this time, he was murdered, it hurts heaps) I wasn’t there for him…. It kills me…. Cherish your loved ones…I’ll always Love u G…

Off to try to sleep now, more of a reflective day than anything.


Ooo n here’s a picture of a shirt i made :).

Xove Xay….


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